Special price for sample album

For effectively work with client, youll need a sample album.
This album includes 2 types of paper - silk and lustre.
Also useful for your work will be a catalog of binding materials with samples. Your client will be able to see how different materials look alive, touch them and make the right choice.

- Special price of the whole demo kit: album + catalog = 85€ (or 99$)

Important! Please read

The album must contain information that this is a sample. For example, the text on the first spread "PORTFOLIO" or "DEMO ALBUM", etc.

To order a sample album at a special price, just use promo-code SAMPLEBOOK

You can make as many sample albums as you need. Dont forget to update your portfolio every year with new works.

Remember: at a meeting with a client it's much more effective
to show your portfolio in an album than in an iPad