Spread types and printing

We have gathered the most high-quality technologies of classic photo printing to produce a product that you would be proud of. Perhaps, this is all you need to know about Absolut albums printing process.

Photo printing technology

We use only professional photo printing in Absolut albums. This is well known chemical process with the stages of exposure, development, final rinse etc. Only a traditional photo print can reproduce your shots as qualitatively as possible.
No raster, no grain, no color anomalies.

We use original Fujifilm DPII photo paper: Lustre and Silk.
Silk has more textured surface than Lustre.

Spreads of your album are printed on specialized equipment for professional photo printing Polielettronica (made in Italy). This provides high quality photo book printing, that is so important for a professional photographer.


Spread technology

There are two types of Absolut albums spreads:
- Thick spreads with base ~1,3 mm thick (or 0,05 inch)
- Thin spreads without base ~0,5 mm thick (or 0,02 inch)


If the number of spreads in your project is from 10 to 15, then the first option (sheets with base) is used.

If your album has 16-25 spreads, then the second option is used (sheets without base).

*Your satisfaction is guaranteed in any case (and fix price too)

The main task of Absolute albums is to make not only your customers,
but also their children and grandchildren happy